Content Creator FAQs

Q: What are your @s?

A: Our tags are @infinity.hoop on Instagram and @infinityhoop on TikTok

Q: Should I tag you in my post?

A: Yes, please tag us in all of your posts when using your hoop! We love to feature our customers and their progress on our pages!

Q: How can I ensure that I get posted to your page? 

A: This will help to maximize your exposure on our platform as well as help you grow!



❌ Film in shadowy or dark places (we want to see your face!)

❌ Say or use profanity or offensive languages (Including music/background noise selection)

❌ Wear short shorts that excessively expose your peaches or cherries…

❌ Use words like “lose weight, hourglass, etc.” or guarantee results of any kind

❌ Watermarks especially the Tiktok mark(use to download videos remove easily)

❌ Wear only your bikini 

❌ No infants or toddlers (this is a hazard)

❌ Use too many filters or emojis 

❌ Nudity



✅ Use a majority of the frame when filming

✅ Find the light! (This will help with Video quality)

✅ Switch up the types of videos you make (Be Creative!)

✅ Follow a trend (we love seeing your trendy videos!)

✅ Follow Tiktok Guidelines (

✅ Like your video on our page (and others)

✅ Have fun!


Q: Should I do a trend?

A: YES, Trends would not only help more people see you but it will also show that you are have FUN with your hoop!

Q: Can I earn a Commission with Infinity Hoop? 

A: Yes, Be sure to join our infinity family on the “Make Money With Infinity Hoop” Tab on our website! By Joining you will earn 10% or every purchase that comes through your link. So be sure to add your link to your Bio and PROMOTE yourself.  

Q: Can I Make EVEN MORE money with you all? 

A: Yes you can! Please send an email to with your social media handles as well as your media kit and price list (if you have one) as we do have some basic parameters before we start a full partnership or collaboration. 

*DISCLAIMER: We are only accepting U.S. residents at the moment*

Q: How do I submit a video?
A: Videos are simply submitted by either tagging us in your video, messaging us on Instagram, or by sending them to the following email: We do prefer RAW CLIPS so that we are able to repurpose your video.